2018 Show Season

We look forward to see what the 2018 Show Season has in store for us. Please check back often as we receive entry dates and details for upcoming shows Larimar will be attending.

The Show Season is something we at Larimar look forward to! We’re happy to accommodate all clients and their individual goals. If there is a particular location or date you have in mind and it isn’t listed below, please feel free to reach out and we’ll work it in. Trainers are available to accompany their clients to shows locally & nationally. Larimar Show Stables shows regularly at:

  • Oak Meadow
  • The Pines
  • Mystic Valley Hunt Club
  • Fairfield Hunt Club
  • End of Hunt
  • Folly Farm
  • Sweet Water Farm

Larimar’s Show Schedule 

Mystic Valley Hunt Club  March 25th
Mystic Valley Hunt Club  April 7th
Stepping Stone  April 14th
Culpeper  April 18th – 22nd
Princeton  April 18th – 22nd
The Pines  April 21st – 22nd
Stepping Stone April 29th
Garden State  May 2nd – May 6th
Fairfield  May 5th
Old Salem 1  May 8th – May 20th
Fieldstone  May 16th – May 20th
Mystic Valley Hunt Club  May 20th
Sweetwater  May 27th
Saugerties  May 30th – June 3rd
Fairfield June 2nd – 3rd
Mystic Valley Hunt Club  June 3rd
Shallowbrook June 7th – 10th
Oxridge June 11th – 17th
Fairfield June 20th – 24th
Fieldstone June 20th – 24th
Windcrest June 3oth
Stepping Stone July 1st
Vermont 1 July 4th – 8th
Vermont 2 July 11th – 15th
The Pines July 15th
Mystic Valley Hunt Club July 21st
Sweetwater July 22nd
Saugerties July 25th – 29th
Windcrest July 28th
End of Hunt July 29th
Oxridge July 29th
Saugerties August 1st – August 5th
Fairfield August 4th
Mystic Valley Hunt Club August 5th
North Hampton August 9th – 12th
The Pines August 11th
CHJA Finals and Fairfield August 16th – 19th
Fieldstone August 22nd – 26th
Princeton August 22nd – 26th
CHSA Finals August 23rd – 26th
Hampton Classic August 27th – September 2nd
Mystic Valley Hunt Club September 1st
Avon Valley September 8th
The Pines September 9th
Big E September 12th – 16th
Folly Farm September 16th
Princeton September 19th – 23rd
Fairfield September 23rd
Avon Valley September 29th
The Pines September 30th
Mystic Valley Hunt Club October 7th
World Equestrian Center October 10th – 14th
Avon Valley October 14th
NEHC Finals October 17th – 21st
World Equestrian Center October 24th – 28th
Fairfield October 28th
Sweetwater November 3rd
Mystic Valley Hunt Club November 4th
The Pines November 10th
Windcrest November 17th
Folly Farm November 25th